Case study: Taking a $36k/month revenue business to $90k/month

Case study: Taking a $36k/month revenue business to $90k/month

Within 6 Months We Have Achieved The Following:

  • Taking a $36k/month revenue business to $90k/month
  • Growing the online store conversion rate by almost 200%
  • Increasing the number of orders by 100%
  • Increasing the AOV by 25%

This Case Study will provide you with valuable insights into the following topics:  

  • The reasons why quality products have a natural appeal
  • The potential benefits of unexpected market disruptions.
  • The marketing approaches that are most suitable for established brands
  • Effective strategies for cost-efficiently promoting products to existing customer base


“The story of this fashion accessories company highlights the idea that marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and that good products can market themselves with the help of the right platform.”

We’ll go into details below.

The company was doing okay before AD Virals, with a monthly revenue of $35,000 and had built a strong brand where the customer return rate was around 15%, but their marketing strategy was limited to certain platforms.

Working with this company, our team quickly improved the conversion rate by several percentages, from 1% to 2%.

Throughout the following year (2022), we focused on growing existing acquisition channels and exploring new marketing opportunities, as part of the products offered by the brand were consumables.

However, we found that Dynamic Product Ads performed better than our other marketing efforts, and email marketing, which was directed towards existing customers, reduced advertising costs and increased customer lifetime value.

Surprisingly, email marketing accounted for up to 21% of the company’s revenue, proving that sometimes traditional methods can be more effective than new, cutting-edge techniques.

In addition, we kept targeting the brand’s existing audiences through email marketing, which reduced advertising costs and helped us maintain loyalty for the brand.

And we followed the lead, no need to change things when they are working.

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